24 04 2014

Well, its certainly been a busy week for us after the curve ball news last Thursday.

The Universe worked its magic again and as hoped for, we moved into our beautiful garden flat on Good Friday. Our army of helpers also worked their magic and, within the space of a few hours, the furniture was arranged (Alistair’s seat as ever came in first only this time round we all decided he had good reason to sit watch the whole move unfold from the comfort of his sofa), the kitchen unpacked and organised (thanks to my beautiful radiantly expectant daughter) and the bed assembled (thanks to uncle paul) and generally made like home. We are so blessed, our family members batted not one eyelid at changing their plans, clearing their diaries, driving for miles out of their way and generally being bloody brilliant all round to both of us. Thank you guys so much we appreciate all that you do for us.

We spent Saturday literally weeping and generally needing the wambulance in gratitude for our new home. I found Alistair wondering around, in and out of the garden, back and forth in the flat almost in awe and overwhelmed with gratitude. It feels like its meant to be. Ive sort of hoisted myself by my own petard there as I often say to my clients “because something feels like it, it doesn’t mean its true”. However, I feel in this instance it is true 🙂

So, Easter Weekend was spent mostly with family, a flat warming of sorts, lots of laughter, lots of love, lots of joy and a sprinkling of tears.

That sprinkling of tears though became a river of tears as this week unfolded. An ex client of Alistair’s who is high up in the echelons of charity work heard about the curve ball, and together with Hannah, spear headed a crowd funding campaign to raise the funds necessary to get Alistair to Germany.

They worked so hard between the 2 of them and, by late Monday evening, the campaign “Save Alistair” went live.

My goodness, humankind, ladies and gentleman, is well and truly alive and kicking. The kind affirmations, sincere good wishes and messages of hope that we have received have been amazing. I am not surprised, Alistair is truly a great man, but like many great men, he doesn’t see himself in the same light. He is private, unassuming and never in his wildest imagination believed that people would vote for him in droves. But they have, they are doing and I have no doubt they will continue to do so I am sure until the target is achieved. £30,000 to send him to Germany, for a chance of survival, to beat the odds and continue to bring joy, love, warmth and healing to those that love him and those that need him.

So, I hope that this blog post will reach an audience far and wide and that the members of the audience will hold Alistair in their prayers, in their own private spiritual beliefs, to believe in his ability to heal and if they are able to do so to contribute to the “Save Alistair” campaign.

The link is:


You can also follow on the Facebook page, Save Alistair.

And please, keep sharing this link, share it every day, tweet it, email, text it, and help to Save my man; loved by many and nowhere near ready to leave us x





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