Bare Foot and Feathers Through Unchartered Waters

28 07 2016

I asked, The Universe provided, and now, Im navigating myself through new and unchartered territory, as my life’s tapestry takes on another hue, weaves another pattern and deepens my souls experience. What did I ask, Why am I bare footed, Why am I wearing feathers and Why am I in unchartered waters I hear you ask!!! Well, as ever with me, theres no short answer and theres a story attached to the answer and it goes like this ….

I spent Solstice on The Stones at Stonehenge with my Soul Sister the beautiful and amazing Tara. I love her.  It was probably one of The Best nights of my entire life so far. It was quite simply awesome. To be around so much peace and love and light and wonderful like minded people just wanting to gather together peacefully for one of the highlights in the pagan year was utterly amazing. And, To be ON THE STONES…wow wow wow.To see the Strawberry Moon rise, and the Sunset and then the Sunrise and the Moon out together….stunning. How and why have I never done this before!!!!

Sadly I lost one of the cornerstones of my foundation of change…my beautiful hat, THE HAT, the 50th, the Liberty special, part of the overture of my awakening. In the days that followed my head felt neglected and naked.. and i became curiously drawn to feathers and started putting them into my hair!! Why wouldn’t you?? The feathers are very Zillah-esque and have become a bit of a Zillah trademark. Admirably, I did keep my sangfroid during the loss of the hat experience….as a good friend said to me “It wasn’t needed anymore then”!! My friends are so amazing 🙂

Around the same time that the feathers came in, the shoes came off!!! Maybe Im turning into a bird!!! I don’t know why, suffice to say I felt the absolute need to connect with Mother Earth for as long as I could whenever I could. Its very freeing, I urge you to try it!! It also helps that Ive been a lover of bare footedness for a long time (albeit in more appropriate settings in the past)  so the soles of my tootsies can withstand all manner of textures, sharp jabs and hot surfaces!!

The next bit’s so weird it has the hallmark of the Universe all over it and is to me synchronicity at its best! I asked The Universe the morning of Solstice to help find me the right person for me to have an intimate friendship with. I want to continue to shine on like a fucking crazy diamond, I want to keep inspiring, I want to fill others with joy and to find joy in all that I do, and since writing my last blog post “Lone Wolf No Club” I also realised I wanted to feel the loving embrace of a mans arms around me, to wake up with and snuggle down with someone and cuddle puddle with them all night long, to sober rave with them, to travel, to laugh and to be free with them and to be cherished. Not much to ask!! But Blimey, The Universe works quickly sometimes…Our eyes met over the stones and that was bloody well that!!!! Enough said 🙂

And so my friends, I find myself in very unchartered waters. Navigating independence and individuality with unity. This is a first for me. I have posted previously about my pattern of serving and being servile. Not going there again. I am naturally loving and caring and tactile, definitely want to keep those qualities. I have grown so very much in the past 18 months. But there is more growing to do and ever more learning….

To my beautiful family and friends who have been privy to this next part of my journey, thank you from the depths of my heart for your acceptance and understanding xx

“The time to weep is yesterday, a new smile has come” (The Roving Crows…Great Band)

Namaste friends 🙂







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