Rested, Recuperating and Recharged

4 06 2013

Relaxed in Dalyan TurkeyAs the end of our month away draws to a close, we both feel ready to get back to Gladys, we miss her, she is of course our home. Kirt has kept her good company whilst we have been away, there is something of an alternative nature in that lovely boy, it wouldn’t surprise me if he followed in our footsteps one day. Although probably on a far grander scale!

We have decided to move to another apartment for the last couple of days, we have found a place that is a little more bohemian than this and a little more quirky (just our cup of herbal tea)!

For those interested in visiting Dalyan before it becomes too spoiled and overrun with ‘cheap holiday deals’ and all that that brings check out Its simple but there is a really great feel about it and the roof top terrace has absolutely stunning views over the Kings Tombs and the river.Alistair relaxing in Dalyan

Another local business that is also worth more than a mention is Unique Art, run by a lovely unique couple Yeliz and Kenan. They produce and acquire vey high quality artefacts, beautiful crystal stones set in jewellery and the most amazing organic cotton towels to name but a few beautiful things to be found in their treasure trove shop, its like a sweetshop for grown ups!

Alistair has now once again assumed his rightful place with me and reinstated his vegetarian diet, yippee. It felt really strange watching him eat meat on a daily basis and I know it didnt sit well with him but he gave it a good shot (I feared he may turn into a Kofta at 1 point). He managed 4 weeks of the ketogenic diet and we hope that that will have done some damage to the cancer cells. However, he missed the good feeling of copious amounts of fresh vegetables and salads every day and I think his body gave him a good indicator that it was time to get back to normality.


Sue Craig and Rebekah, shedding a wee tear as they spot the bride arriving

The slow release Leutenising Hormone Inhibitor injected into him last month has sapped his energy  dramatically and left him feeling quite tired and somewhat achy in his joints, along with those hot flashes and a small pair of moobs! The worry for us though is that yes, this may be shrinking the size of the tumour but at what cost to the rest of his system, our body works as a whole, not in the mechanistic way that medicine treats it. Still, he is willing to give it another couple of months and then see how things are.

Without a doubt though, one of the main things that we have both learned is that the warm climate is really important, for both of us actually. We have literally felt the sun warming the depths of our bones and radiating its warmth in and around us. Whatever plans we hatch, making sure that we get adequate sunshine throughout the year, especially during the British winter months is our primary concern. And after all, we sold our house and radically changed our lifestyle so we could do just that.DSCN0275


A very proud Dad

It was really an amazing thing to have the whole family together for Hannah’s wedding. It was lovely to watch as each of our children arrived, spend holiday time with them and to see the them all together for their sisters wedding. We also got to spend time relaxing with Alistair’s sister and her family (which we really want to do more of) and his Mum as well as our extended family (Craig and Sue and her lovely parents). I was as proud as any mum would be to see Hannah and Danny make their vows together and what a moment when Sue, Craig and I stood arm in arm, supporting each other as we watched Alistair walk Hannah down the aisle on the beach, not a dry eye between us!

Our ‘family unit’ hasn’t just magically got like this though. It is a testimony to all of us for the hard work we have put in to cultivating this ‘blended family’ relationship. Im sure over the years there have been highs and lows for all of us, adults and children alike but what an incredible family we have ¬†grown into and I for one feel privilaged to be part of it. Thank you family for having me x

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