For things to change first must I (Goethe)

24 08 2012

I had an amazing chat with the manager of a local shop that we have been going to on and off for many years now. It seems that reading this blog about the changes we have made to our life to improve our health and wellbeing has inspired her to embrace change and embark on her own journey of change. She looks amazing and is making huge lifestyle changes to benefit her health and wellbeing. What a brilliant thing that from one couple going public and being open about our journey of change other people are joining in and creating change for themselves. The ripple effect is beginning to work and in truth that is what Alistair and I hoped for.

Yesterday I launched a new page on Facebook called ‘A Taste of Life Cookbook and Recipes’. I decided that I have learned so much and will be continuing to accumulate nutritional knowledge as my year unfolds that it would make sense to share it with others. Make no mistake, what we do and don’t eat has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing and this information won’t be shouted about at the Hand Puppets so its going to take normal  people like you and me to start spreading the word. It really cheers me though to hear peoples enthusiasm for what we are doing and I find it really heartening that people do want to embrace change for themselves, exciting times ahead I think.

Alistair, I realise hasn’t really been featuring much in my past few blogs so I thought it might be timely to update you all on how he is. He is looking fabulous and he said to me a couple of days ago that he feels the best he has ever felt in many many years, isn’t that lovely. The sun has also worked its magic. We had 2 lovely weeks in the baking sun in Turkey with all of the family bar poor Kirt who was too busy making his business some profit and minding Nitten in Gladys for us. We holidayed at the generosity of Sue & Craig who allowed us use of their villa which is absolutely stunning and well worth a rent if you fancy a week away (, We had the pleasure of Alex & Pagan, Holly and Candace staying with us and also got to spend some lovely time with Hannah, Danny & Jakey too. All in all a lovely time although we both missed Gladys’ tranquility and being at home in her. Kirt had been very busy though whilst staying in her, I think he quite liked it. He fixed the component that was broken so when we arrived home the slide was out and the  living space has gone from narrow boat to wide beam! Amazing, it has made a huge difference and Kirt and Candace have both now stayed over which has been lovely to be able to accommodate them. He also remodelled the dashboard and built a natty TV shelf and did some water proofing on the roof!!! Kirt you are a star x

A few posts ago I had mentioned a couple of blood tests that Alistair had had done, well it would seem that whatever we are doing has certainly slowed things down so we are really pleased. We are about 8 months into our nutritional programme which quite simply has become our way of life. I know the Budwig clinic estimate at least a year for significant healing to take place so we have a way to go and I really don’t know yet what Alistairs plans are regarding further blood tests but no doubt I will update you here when there is any further news. I can tell you though that we have added in a couple of extra ‘natural’ goodies that are purported to be good for slowing the progression and stopping the metastasis of cancer. Pomegranate juice is one and this was brilliant in Turkey as freshly squeezed juice was available almost everywhere, here its more difficult but we have found  one make that is pure organic juice and not from concentrate so thats helpful.

So we are really just gently letting this life of ours unfold, keeping the pace nice and steady and really making sure that everything that we eat is doing all it possibly can to help with Alistairs healing. And its fun, its not a chore, life has a sense of adventure here in the woods and being together in Gladys is like having a great big comfort blanket wrapped around us. I think that Alistair may be getting itchy feet though,I sense he is getting ready to move on, so probably only a few more weeks here  and then maybe up to Cambridge where you can all have tales from the riverbank!!

Time for Health?

20 08 2012

Alistair told me that the word Doctor actually means teacher! What the hell went wrong? What happened, when was the last time you saw a Doctor who actually used their knowledge to help you get yourself better instead of writing a script for pills.

Very recently a dear friend of ours who, in a time of great emotional need, was told  by her doctor to more or less pull herself together, start thinking positively, have some pills and get out quickly as he had other patients waiting!!!!!! I wonder what that taught our friend ? Maybe that Doctors are by and large a waste of time and useless puppets of the Big Pharmaceuticals perhaps ? Has it occurred to anyone that Doctors have become modern day priests!

So I wonder how it would be if, instead of handing responsibility for our health and well being over to the Big Pharm and their hand puppets known as Doctors, we reclaimed and took responsibility for our own health and became our own teachers. There is so much we can learn, so many avenues and pathways we can take to better our state of health, to prevent illness and dis-ease and to rebalance and heal dis-eased parts of our selves. But this teaching will not come from visiting your GP when you feel poorly. They will not teach you how to look after yourself, it is not in the interest of their sponsors – the Big Pharm shareholders!

I guarantee that by the time you actually go and see the Hand Puppet feeling a little poorly you will have long been ignoring tiny little nudges or signals sent from your own self for quite some time. Nudges trying to get you to pay attention to things in your life that need addressing things like your behaviours, your thinking, your lifestyle,  your attitudes and ingrained choices that you make on a daily basis that prevent you from being entirely healthy on all levels and that includes your emotional, mental, sexual and social health as well as your physical health. I am a great believer in the notion that if you don’t pay attention to the little signs the universe will find a way to make you pay attention. This was true of Kirt several years ago when he was in his final year at school. He was preoccupied with a million things, not enough time for any of them and constantly chasing his tail. He was forgetting things and not managing the stress he had created. I mentioned to him that if he didn’t slow down and take stock of things the universe wold find a way to make him slow down. Silly boy ignored his mummies wisdom at his own peril!! He came off his motor bike, smashed his leg to bits and was laid up for a bout 12 weeks!!!!!

How about if we all listened and really paid attention to what our bodies were trying to tell us. If we paid attention to these small gentle signals from our bodies that are intended to bring our attention to something within us that is out of balance. Paying attention though, means taking ownership, taking responsibility, maybe slowing down and learning what it is that our body needs more of or less of to enable us to re balance ourselves.

Whilst on an energy healing course years ago I learnt to ask myself often “what is it I am putting into myself that is helping or hindering me and what is it I am doing too much or too little of that is not serving me”.  Simple but effective questions but of course they then require the person to take action in order to bring about change. And change needs time and effort and sadly in societies current fast paced climate neither of these things are really valued, people seem to want a microwaved result these days!!

I must mention though an amazing and true story that Pippin told me yesterday. A good friend of hers has a history of having ovarian cysts. She presented at the hand puppets some time ago feeling not quite right. Eventually she was sent for X-rays and 5 or so cysts were found. She has been reading this blog from the start and decided to give it a little go – not blogging – the food programme. For 3 weeks she intensively alkalised, juiced, removed all ‘nasties’ from her diet and fully embraced the Alistair & Rebekah Lifestyle Programme ‘TM’ (only joking) and lo and behold when she returned for X-rays absolutely no cysts anywhere!!!!!!! Pay attention guys, use your knowledge and you can make remarkable changes, and full credit to Pippins friend for giving it a go and love from us two x

Shame on the medical profession that nutritional information and nutritional therapy is not in their repertoire.

Living as we do, you know, as itinerants in a winnebago we have really slowed down. There are still jobs to do and money to be earned but we are out of the rat race and it is fabulous. Whilst wandering through the forrest with Alistair and the dogs the other day I listened as Alistair chatted about how he now understands that he has to ‘play the hand of cards that life has dealt him’. He spoke about his disbelief when he got the curve ball news, he said it was funny because he had always had himself down as a heart attack guy, not a curve ball guy! But he realised along the way that this was his deck, he couldn’t swap it or give it to somebody else to take care of, he couldn’t blame anybody else for giving it to him, it was his hand that he alone had to play out. Not on his own obviously but he is fully in charge of it. I think it has made him feel stronger, more empowered and more able to cope. I love listening to him as he natters to me on our evening walks. Little gems of wisdom that are so Alistair, little nuggets of information that help us both to continue to make little tweaks and changes to what we do and how we do things. So we continue to evolve, to change, to grow and to make ourselves happier, more content and more at peace with life and the cards we are dealt.

If you are interested in how you can improve your health a really good reference book is: ” Your Body Speaks Your Mind” by Debbie Shapiro

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