Let Her Be Free

31 05 2016

Let Her Be Free
Rebekah-Zillah 🙏💜💕☮n💜⭐️🌞🙏☯🕉💚💙

By the Plumbago
Or Behind the Yellow Gate
Places I’ve been to
I drift to of late

Resting my mind
As my spirit awakens
Shedding the layers
Of self preservation

Removing the shackles
That branded and tied me
To the strong Will of others
My true Self I could not be

Nurtured and Fed
By the spoon of control
I Learnt to conform –
for human acceptance
Not advancing my Soul

My Inner Shine ebbed
Through tirelessly giving
Pliant and loving
Programmed young for this living

And yet this fulfilled me
Nothing else had I known
For the currency of approval
Demanded others needs before my own

And therein is my beauty
The gift of giving beyond measure
Not to question or challenge
The sake of harmony my pleasure

Only Death could release me
Although It’s lesson first Unknown
I remained bound in my sorrow
Loyal and Alone

Yet The Soul awakens violently
In Trauma and Pain
And try as I might
Change could not be contained

A spiritual awakening
Leaves me Wild not tame
Joy Love and Passion
Igniting my flame

A flame that extinguished
Left no belief unturned
That any vestige of conformity
Must be surrendered and burned

And In its wake,my Free Spirit
Shining brightly with Love
A light worker, An Inspirator
To Spread Joy from Above

My Energy is Freedom
My currency Love
My heart beats for Peace
And whispers “just trust”

In this amazing Universe
That holds Us dear in Its Heart
That connects us to Joy
Our Souls eternal art 🙂

Om Shanti & Namaster X

Who Knew Rumi Knew?!

23 05 2016

” Sorrow prepares you for joy- It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place” (Rumi).

And there it is, simple and straight forward… Sorrow prepared me for joy! Who knew!!- Well as it turns out Rumi and my beautiful friend who casually yet with the wisdom of a sage said just the other day…. ” But you had to experience all that hard difficult stuff to really know and experience the joy that you now know”!! Thanks Beautiful, between you and Rumi Im making a lot of sense of life 🙂

I don’t know why Ive been so confused about the immense feelings of joy that are radiating through me… Im always banging on about polar opposites to my clients,  we are never just all one thing and yet we give ourselves such a hard time when we veer away from a positive behaviour towards its ‘negative’ . But the opposite is always there, we can’t have light without dark, life without death, selflessness without selfishness.

In this lifetime of mine, I know I will know sorrow again, for many different reasons, and I will know forever that joy will be always ready and waiting to shake the yellow leaves from the bough of my heart.. Thank you Rumi for your beautiful insight, for helping me peep into my heart and learn such an amazing lesson. What a gift! To quote a line from one of my favourites songs ” Im not frightened of this World anymore” (Thank you for the Days, Kirsty MacColl of course).

Other gifts have come along too to weave their magic into creating a pretty awesome design for the tapestry of this next chapter of my life. The Universe as ever has presented opportunities for me to make amazing new friends, Im grateful to them for their gifts and teachings 🙂 I grateful to myself too for having the courage to act on those opportunities 🙂

Four other gifts have been truly transformational in laying the foundation for a huge awakening in my soul, unleashing a flow of energy so vibrant and enchanting that has been held captive deep within me since the writing of my soul contract, or perhaps it has always been there and Im only just seeing and feeling it.

My Liberty Hat was the first catalyst, I bought it for myself on my birthday last year, its not only that its infused with such beautiful memories for my soul of that day in Liberty with three of the most amazing women that I have in my life, beautiful Candace, my beautiful sister Kate and my equally beautiful niece Sophie and of course the new generation, The Rascal and the little quaver, its that it has literally given me an identity shift to welcome the newly growing me. Its become part of who I am in a weird way. Bloody love that hat.

Zillah was the second (although from a family tree perspective I think I’m the 4th)!!!.. .. Ah how I love her, she is wild wild wild let me tell you, her energy and thirst for life is immense. She came steaming into my life without a moments hesitation, like she’s been on pause just waiting for the invite and brought with her Im sure past lives and past lives of magic, wisdom, wildness and guts. Zillah met the Hat and my identity shifted again!

Tantric Dance was the third…Its almost unspeakable the shift it made in me, immediately!! And how I love love love to dance now, it moves my soul and awakens my passion every time. its beautiful for me to feel passion again and passionate about living life to the very full. Tantric met Zillah and the Hat and the identity shift shifted yet again.

The fourth was my treasured Triple Goddess tattoo.. Maiden Mother and Crone, emblazoned on me forever, enticing me forwards into the unknown with such spirit and knowing its like Ive trodden the path before (Zillah certainly has of that I have no doubt). The Triple Goddess met Tantric and Zillah and the Hat and I was reborn.

Sorrow without doubt prepares you for Joy x 🙂

Om Shanti





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