2 10 2013

Short and sweet today; HE CAN PEE!!!!!

Its been a bit of a long road but finally I am pleased to say that we have just returned from The Royal London CATHETER FREE for the first time in several months, what a relief.

Alistair is still recuperating from his operation but he is healing nicely. He is taking it very steadily and is thankfully now back on his Alternative regime (Budwig, Herbs, Supplements and Juicing) which I know makes him feel more empowered and in charge of his health and well being.

Thank you to everyone for their good wishes and support for us, we really both appreciate it. Especially as ever thank you to Candace, Hannah and Kirt for their support of me while Alistair was in hospital and a special thank you to Gillian and Paul for their support and kindness over the past few weeks x

More soon, just wanted you all to know the good news!




One response

2 10 2013

Great news! Long may the flow continue…..

With love

Jan xx

Jan King
Tel: 020 8856 4351
Mob: 07931 370025

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