Not short changed at all

26 03 2013

Well, I had a choice this morning; study the 6 Neuroglia of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System, or write my blog…

So anyway, just before our last visit to the Utterly Crap London Hospital (UCLH) I had asked the Universe for an Angel to take care of Alistair at the hospital consultation. As you will no doubt recall from my previous post about that particular visit we actually got probably the worst service and treatment you could ever not wish for, it had no celestial tones to it in any way shape or form. I wondered that day and the few following at the seeming lack of universal intervention but as I write this now I realise I merely showed my own human lack of faith and belief!

As a result of that appalling consultation Alistair, in his usual solution focused fashion, spent the new few days researching various Specialists, procedures and interventions that ‘made sense’ to him and his body and would make a significant difference to his life and the current difficulties he is experiencing. Its surprising the amount of pioneering techniques there are out there that are not made readily available by the No Hope Service.

These hours of personal research coupled with an incredibly kind donation to cover the cost of any necessary surgery lead us last night to see probably one of the coolest, nicest, most personable consultants we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. This guy strolled down the corridor  in his trousers, roll neck pullover and his biker boots and greeted us as if we had just popped in to see a long standing friend for a cup of tea! An angel, no doubt at all in my mind that the Universe had its hand in creating this meeting, no doubt at all.

During that 30 minute consultation we were both almost moved to tears on several occasions; relief, being listened to, having our desire for alternative therapy where possible validated and all in such a laid back non pompous, non medical model rammed down our throat sort of way was quite overwhelming. It turns out that in Germany (and no doubt other non UK countries too) when they study medicine they also study Homeopathy, Acupuncture and other alternative approaches to  medicine too. He totally got why our experience at the Utterly Crap London Hospital (I know I’ve already put it in short form but I like saying it) was so difficult for us, he laughed and said, ” yes of course, it is completely old school, old medicine”.

So, I am pleased to announce that Alistair will be able to pee again after the 24th April 2013. All he and I have to do between now and then is keep him well, infection free, rested and in good emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health so he  will recover with ease.

Looking back, I can see that it was important to get the rough treatment at the UCLH with the monkey not the organ grinder because otherwise we would not have found this amazing alternative procedure that will indeed be life changing for my darling man.

Once again, the Universe has been instrumental in guiding us to the right place. Amazing.



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