Testing my Mettle!

1 03 2013
Gladys got us to Brighton

Gladys resting at our giant pitch in Brighton after getting us safely from Essex.

Well theres been a bit of a gap since my last ramblings and for good reason, February has been CRAZY!

Our break in France was wonderful (thank you again Very Kind Man) and looking back I can see it was a week of calm before a very stormy few weeks.

Alistair had his test results back and they were all good except for that bloody little prostate that is playing up. Its playing havoc with his sleep at night and isn’t  much better behaved during the daytime  either. We have up’d the anti on the raw food and nutritional front and we also tracked down some herbs that are having amazing effects on killing prostate cancer cells (thank you to an old friend of Alistair’s who passed on this valuable info). We took a ride out to Brixton (we took Jake as our wing man) and procured said herbs and have been boiling up a tea brewing storm in Gladys’ kitchen for the last few weeks in an attempt to reduce that pesky swollen gland!

We have at long last received our urgent appointment to see the Urologist and also (like buses these appointments) an appointment the day before to see a homeopathic consultant at the London Hospital for Integrative Medicine. So 2 appointments in 2 days in mid March to hopefully find some relief for Alistair. Of course our fear is that surgery may be the only option offered but as ever we remain hopeful and keep our minds fully open to all possibilities. Alistair and I have made it our top priority to nurse him through every single day to avoid a bladder or kidney infection and the need for antibiotics, and so far so good, thanks to copious amounts of colloidal silver, organic pressed cranberry and plenty of home made herbal infusions (said herbs and also Jamaican cinnamon leaf). He is very uncomfortable though so with slight angst at being in the mix with medical model minded folk it is a necessity at the moment that cannot be avoided, a man has to pee!

And thats the lovely thing about the next part of CRAZY February, being around such like minded people at the College of Natural Medicine where I am studying. It is an amazing thing to be surrounded by literally hundreds of people that all share the same passion, the same heartfelt beliefs in nature, herbs and foods to heal our selves and our souls. However, this knowledge I now realise comes at a price even higher than the monthly direct debits! I had to sit my end of semester 1 first year exam last weekend so since the beginning of February I have been involved in a fairly heavy revision timetable in order to pass. This meant up at sparrow fart  (5am) everyday for 3 weeks to slog it out with all the various systems of the body for 3 hours before Alistair’s juice/ gruel/tea and supplement routine and before work!  And then 2 weeks into February poor old Dad took a turn for the worst and needed to go into hospital. So that then meant study, Alistair, work, take mum to see dad (my lovely sister Kate and Candace and I managed this with amazing teamwork) and then home to chill with Alistair and zzzzzz(oops nodded of there, so tired)!

So it will be no surprise to hear that once the exam was over and we packed Gladys up and headed for the south coast for a few days away I came down with a cold, the first since some time in 2011! Stress and health eh, what a marvellous  link.

Alistair relaxing with new levis and new cap

Alistair relaxing with new Levis and new cap

I think though, all things being equal, I managed my stress levels pretty well and recently I have begun to really appreciate my ancestry.I thank the Universe and the O’Neale genes for the strength that I have, and I see that strength in my dear old Mum and in Pippin too. As mine and Alistair’s curve ball journey continues to unfold I am finding myself more and more, and I think  the same is probably true for Alistair too.

Blending in to Brighton

Blending in to Brighton

So here we are, we have had a few days break down in Brighton which embraced us and our alternative ideas fabulously, we kind of blended in rather than stuck out like  sore thumbs! We found a brilliant vegetarian cafe in the North Laines called Idyea, give it a try if you are down there its really good food and very eco friendly. Gladys has been amazing, a real home form home (hee hee) and we are ready now to face all that March has to offer, keeping our values and beliefs as intact as we possibly can.



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