Happy New Year

31 12 2012

Happy New Year


I thought New Years Eve would be timely for another post.

What a year its been too, and here we both are, fitter and healthier than this time last year and both looking forward to the unfolding of 2013’s rich tapestry. I’m sure the tapestry will be exquisite too, sewn with different threads but each one weaving its own meaning and bringing its own hue to our already colourful life.

As you know I am studying to become a Naturopathic Nutritionist and I am looking forward to what this years learning has to bring to our life. In only a few short months since I enrolled on the course my knowledge has deepened and I continue to be in awe at what mother nature and mother earth have provided us with to heal most ills. It jars really against the narrow  minded arrogance of much of our own medical model and it saddens me that so little value is given to natural remedies. Still, as I often tell my clients; – “for things to change first must I”, so Alistair & I will happily continue on our path of healing, growth and development and warmly invite any followers or interested souls to join us along the way.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Alistair has just had his birthday (B-earth-day and Bornday as 2 lovely friends of ours like to call it). He said it was his 56th Birthday and his 1st healing birthday, and what a lot of work he has put into that year of healing. I know I pull his leg about him being a tamogotchi and me keeping him alive, but in truth, Alistair is the one who has had to learn to continue to live each day healing the cancer cells that developed in his Prostate. He is the one who has had to face his fears, trust his instincts and be a brave enough man to walk his own pathway with his head held high. He is my hero, I love him and I am honoured to be his wife and to share this journey with him.

People often say they wish things like cancer didn’t exist and I can understand that, nobody in their right minds would chose to have  it. However, I do know that without this diagnosis, for us two, even with an interest in health and wellbeing there is no way on this earth that we would have taken so much responsibility for our health, made as many changes for our own good or made the life changes that we dreamt of but never would have materialised ( I know, the boat was the dream but I think now that Gladys supersedes it).

From time to time we hear people say that they would love to do this or that, that they can’t wait for things to change so that they can create the change in their life that they truly desire. And now, I say to those people, do it, make it happen, seize the day and make it yours. Don’t wait for the universe to give you a dirty great big kick up the arse like we got, be brave, do the unthinkable, seek the possibility of creating what you really want in your life and listen out for your inner fears that come in the form of excuses. Fear is OK because you know whats at the other side of that…Courage.

Have a happy and courageous new year every one, and in the words of another of my great heroes;- “Be the change you want to see”



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31 12 2012

Another thoughtful and beautiful blog Rebekah. Very impressed by you and Mr R and how you have made such significant changes in your lives. All the best for a happy and healthy 2013 – maybe you’ll make it across the border – plenty green places, forests and lochs to camp! Hope the skirlie was a success xxx

31 12 2012

I am hoping that we will indeed make it across the border too in 2013. Thank you for your encouragement and have a really happy and healthy new year x

31 12 2012
Mrs. E.S. Numan

Hiya So lovely to hear how you and Alistair have taken on this challenge and are loving your life with Gladys. Can your new naturalist course help me with weight loss??! I wish you both a very happy and healthy NEW YEAR LOL xxx

Living With Gladys Full Time wrote:

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31 12 2012

Hey Rene
Thank you for your continued support of Alistair and me Rene, a very happy new year to you too Rene. Im sure thats something we can look at xxx safe journey back

2 01 2013

Awesome blog post, Rebekah. You guys are an inspiration!

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