Soft is the heart of my child

31 10 2012


I just wanted to write a very quick blog about the kindness of my (our) son Kirt.

He obviously loves his step dad very much and, like all of the children, is wanting to do all he can to support Alistair through his healing journey.
Imagine how delighted we were to see new posts on our Facebook pages today from Kirt, who has decided to join the Movember prostate cancer awareness campaign in order to raise money for Alistair to help with the monthly costs of his ‘alternative treatment supplements’. We are both so touched and proud of him and his kind heart.

The ongoing support from our children, family and friends is such a big encouragement to us and acts of kindness like this mean so much to us both.
This year has brought so much change to the children’s lives and yet they have all embraced it so well and none of them have complained once about the upheaval or the difference that our lifestyle has brought to their lives. The curve ball has certainly effected everyone and yet admirably over the year they have still grown and developed.

I am heartened that little by little the wind of change is gently blowing and amongst our family new choices are being made, old behaviours are being challenged and minds are being opened to new ideas about health, food and lifestyle.

So, thank you Kirt for your motivation, your enthusiasm and for your loving heart that lets us feel loved with every beat.




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