And then there was one

7 10 2012

Blimey, I can honestly say its been a bit of a roller coaster over the past week. We packed up from our little place of security in Epping last Monday and ventured out on to the big roads in Gladys (well Alistair drove Gladys, I followed behind in the C1- no cock linnet though) to pastures new, but not too far!

The planned destination was Saffron Walden for a month or so, just to ease us (or me) into being a bit further away from the kids and getting used to actually RV-ing. The site though was not really geared up to house such a beautiful machine as Gladys, so we stayed a night and moved further up the M11 just north of Cambridge.

Over the move I had a new Job Title bestowed upon me by my darling husband, apparently I am the ‘Rousteabout’!!! This came about at the beginning of the week as we were packing up Gladys ready for  moving on. Over the course of a couple of hours I packed, shifted, stored, covered and made safe the contents of our home. Alistair watched and then named me the ‘Rousteabout’,  (apparently it comes from the oil rigs). I asked in that slightly  tongue in cheek way “what would your job title be then, foreman”? My whinge though was short lived and didn’t even get the chance to get into full swing as Alistair reminded me that he would be having to do all the mans jobs (emptying tanks, lifting the legs, and driving to said destination), fair point I thought too.

The move unsettled me, quite a lot. I think I had got well and truly comfy just living in Gladys and not moving at all. I felt secure and wasn’t far from all that I hold dear to me. It was a real wrench being further away and I have to say initially I didn’t like it one bit!

The site, which incidentally Alistair loves, is really clean, has a few facilities that make life a little easier, especially for Alistair doing the mans jobs and is home to several full timers in an array of RV’s, 5th Wheelers, Campervans and caravans. Now initially whilst I was still in emotional limbo I found this quite disconcerting. It reminded me of a housing estate for RV’s! I like to think that I didn’t sulk though or show off, I did cry a bit but thats nothing unusual for me so nothing to worry about there!

I ventured out to work mid week and started to sort of figure out where I was in relation to the places that I have to travel to for work, not too bad. Whilst I was at work, Alistair made friends with several residents, found out important things like that he could get his propane refilled, that theres a craft evening every Tuesday and a gathering for a quiz or whatever in the ‘social static caravan’! Then it sort of dawned on me, this is like a retirement park (Yikes), great for Alistair but he’s got 10 years on me.

However, by Thursday evening after a day out in Cambridge I was feeling much better and have continued to warm to this place since then (so fickle). So I am pleased that I didn’t beg to return to where I felt safe and secure, I have adjusted and can begin to see how I can cope with life on the road a bit more. This afternoon as I was wondering about I began to see this as more of a commune, quite cool really and I love it that there are so many people living unconventionally, and they seem a really friendly bunch.

This weekend though has been extremely tough for us both. Ebony, our rescue dog has always been a touch weird, especially around bins, bags and things that may contain a scrap of food that she can claim as her own. Over the years we have got used to her and wrongly I suppose have allowed her to get away with behaving badly. I know Kirt has sustained a few nips from her and plenty of snarling. However when she is not being an absolute beast she is the most adorable, seal faced little old dog, a real Jekyll and Hide if you like. However, yesterday her Mrs Hyde side came out roaring and she went for Alistair in a big way. It really quite shook me up and although Alistair tends to minimise things I think he too was a little taken aback. As much as I love Ebony Annabelle Rhind I am sad to say that my head had to take over and over rule my heart. I wanted nothing more than to say it wasn’t that bad, she didn’t mean it and all those excuses that I can make on behalf of her bad behaviour, but actually neither of us could.

So, with heavy hearts and lead weights in our bellies we took her this morning to the vets to have her put to sleep😢.    

We all did our very best for Ebony and I think that for the 7 years that we had her we gave her a lovely life. Sleep well Ebony and continue your journey in the animal lower world with your own animal guide, journey safely and we will remember you with love always.

And so our menagerie has dwindled down to just Laddie now, the boy dog we started with 11 years ago. And here we are parked up for a few weeks yet in Cambridge and we will let October unfold at a gentle pace and allow our emotions time to catch up. Life is still good and Gladys is still my home, wherever we take her, home will be in her.



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