4 09 2012

It seems to Alistair and me pretty cool that we actually followed through on our mad idea of selling our angel wrapped house to live alternatively in Gladys our RV. The angel wrapped house incidentally  is now referred to as 181 and I have been surprised at my lack of missing it (I must be more fickle than I realised). Gladys has very quickly become our cherished home, our little (well big to drive but small to live in) haven of tranquility and security. As the weeks have rolled on and we can begin to count in months the length of time that we have lived here, Gladys has also established her difference. We now have a dedicated office area where exciting new work is taking place (in the form of me becoming a food writer creating recipes that heal) and Alistair takes his Skype calls to heal the sick and wounded as far afield as Barbados! We are developing our work so we can work from Gladys anywhere in the world which we both think an amazing thing to be able to do. We have a kitchen area that has become a hive of activity for my new cookbook that I will soon be launching as an ebook and we have a dashboard greenhouse that is germinating chilli’s,  bell peppers and  warming indoor plants for our eyes delight. Gladys is looking good and her energy is growing!

Candace was at a ‘moon ceremony’ at her friends last weekend (sounded fab by all accounts) and was asked what she had gratitude for. “For Alistairs bravery in healing cancer alternatively, for his health and healing and for the knowledge we have gained as a family to better our own health” came her reply. Amazing, it brought tears to my eyes to hear her say that. It sounds cheesy I know, even before I’ve typed it, but this journey that we are on since the curve ball came along has changed so many lives for the positive and I know absolutely that Alistair and I would never in a million years have made the changes to the degree that we have if he had not ‘caught the curve ball’. Kirt asked the other day, that if Alistair could be cured right now for ever would we still live the way we live ( in Gladys, vegetarian, organic blah blah blah) and without even hesitating we both answered ‘Yes’. Its who we are now, we have had an identity shift, a deep level change for both of us. Kirt was pleased to hear it.

Alistair has got his head around the whole process of developing cancer, and healing from it. It is a multi faceted approach that all interlink, but the hierarchy for him is: to stop metastasis (that means stopping it from spreading to other places), to reduce inflammation and slow down the speed of the cancer cells growth, to continually cultivate a positive mental attitude and a state of inner calm using meditation, visualisation, Reiki and stress reducing activities including daily exercise outside in nature, and to detox his body and mind from toxins, all of which will ultimately encourage healing.

The foods that we eat at every meal time and the natural supplements that Alistair takes are the main source of preventing  metastasis, reducing inflammation and slowing down the speed  of cancer cell growth. Equally, the food that we eat also has a huge impact on boosting his immune system; improving the count of killer T cells that like to dine on cancer cells daily for breakfast lunch and dinner. We have become quite interested in trying to find the actual food source rather than taking the supplement, it tastes better thats for sure and makes for an interesting plate of food at meal times! Maitake mushrooms were our latest find at BumbleBees whole food health store in North London. A trip out on the Harley, a mooch around a proper health food shop, some booty in my bag from said shop and home for wholesome health giving meal for tea, that for me is a perfect day! Oh and some lovely sunshine to top up the Vitamin D count too, splendid!

So you can see life is different;  for some it may sound boring, for others too much hard work, but for others still it may resonate. All I can say is that for Alistair and me it works and it works really well. We seem to have found ourselves, our lives are certainly richer and our adventure is really only just beginning. And if I answer the same question that Candace was asked, I have gratitude to each of our children for supporting us in our alternative lifestyle, for their positivity, their love, their encouragement and for walking with us on our journey and sharing as much as they can in the changes that we are making.



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