For things to change first must I (Goethe)

24 08 2012

I had an amazing chat with the manager of a local shop that we have been going to on and off for many years now. It seems that reading this blog about the changes we have made to our life to improve our health and wellbeing has inspired her to embrace change and embark on her own journey of change. She looks amazing and is making huge lifestyle changes to benefit her health and wellbeing. What a brilliant thing that from one couple going public and being open about our journey of change other people are joining in and creating change for themselves. The ripple effect is beginning to work and in truth that is what Alistair and I hoped for.

Yesterday I launched a new page on Facebook called ‘A Taste of Life Cookbook and Recipes’. I decided that I have learned so much and will be continuing to accumulate nutritional knowledge as my year unfolds that it would make sense to share it with others. Make no mistake, what we do and don’t eat has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing and this information won’t be shouted about at the Hand Puppets so its going to take normal  people like you and me to start spreading the word. It really cheers me though to hear peoples enthusiasm for what we are doing and I find it really heartening that people do want to embrace change for themselves, exciting times ahead I think.

Alistair, I realise hasn’t really been featuring much in my past few blogs so I thought it might be timely to update you all on how he is. He is looking fabulous and he said to me a couple of days ago that he feels the best he has ever felt in many many years, isn’t that lovely. The sun has also worked its magic. We had 2 lovely weeks in the baking sun in Turkey with all of the family bar poor Kirt who was too busy making his business some profit and minding Nitten in Gladys for us. We holidayed at the generosity of Sue & Craig who allowed us use of their villa which is absolutely stunning and well worth a rent if you fancy a week away (, We had the pleasure of Alex & Pagan, Holly and Candace staying with us and also got to spend some lovely time with Hannah, Danny & Jakey too. All in all a lovely time although we both missed Gladys’ tranquility and being at home in her. Kirt had been very busy though whilst staying in her, I think he quite liked it. He fixed the component that was broken so when we arrived home the slide was out and the  living space has gone from narrow boat to wide beam! Amazing, it has made a huge difference and Kirt and Candace have both now stayed over which has been lovely to be able to accommodate them. He also remodelled the dashboard and built a natty TV shelf and did some water proofing on the roof!!! Kirt you are a star x

A few posts ago I had mentioned a couple of blood tests that Alistair had had done, well it would seem that whatever we are doing has certainly slowed things down so we are really pleased. We are about 8 months into our nutritional programme which quite simply has become our way of life. I know the Budwig clinic estimate at least a year for significant healing to take place so we have a way to go and I really don’t know yet what Alistairs plans are regarding further blood tests but no doubt I will update you here when there is any further news. I can tell you though that we have added in a couple of extra ‘natural’ goodies that are purported to be good for slowing the progression and stopping the metastasis of cancer. Pomegranate juice is one and this was brilliant in Turkey as freshly squeezed juice was available almost everywhere, here its more difficult but we have found  one make that is pure organic juice and not from concentrate so thats helpful.

So we are really just gently letting this life of ours unfold, keeping the pace nice and steady and really making sure that everything that we eat is doing all it possibly can to help with Alistairs healing. And its fun, its not a chore, life has a sense of adventure here in the woods and being together in Gladys is like having a great big comfort blanket wrapped around us. I think that Alistair may be getting itchy feet though,I sense he is getting ready to move on, so probably only a few more weeks here  and then maybe up to Cambridge where you can all have tales from the riverbank!!

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