Friday is ‘G’ Day, thanks to the ‘Big -Yin’

13 06 2012

We had to get the big guns out yesterday!

You see, my job, as I see it, is to help keep Alistair well, so my intentions are always good. You will no doubt remember from my very first post that stress plays a huge part in both the development and progress of cancerous cells. So, keeping stress to a minimum has been of huge importance and a key part in our choice to live alternatively. So far so good.

However, somehow along the way, I confused helping Alistair to stay well with making it my job to manage his stress levels AND to have him manage stress the same way as I do!! Now, if we add into this fuzzy logic equation a bunch of solicitors who seem to be on a completely different time zone to GMT or any other recognised world zone for that matter with absolutely no sense of urgency, you will no doubt begin to pick up the feeling that things were becoming a little fraught.

My approach (all in the spirit of keeping stress low for Alistair) was very ‘laissez-faire’, you know; don’t worry, it will happen when it’s ready, don’t upset yourself , these things take time, another week won’t make too much difference, blah blah blah. Alistair’s on the other hand and much more true to life for him was more like; ” ¬†Hold on a minute, What the fuck is going on, what is this stupid wee girl (solicitor not me) doing and WE ARE MOVING ON FRIDAY COME WHAT MAY” (yikes… as Holly once said “when Daddy shouts everyone cry’s”!

Well that certainly got the wind up! (and not a lentil in sight)!

That, and the fact that we managed to liaise with the buyers directly (Hannah & Craig, you were both certainly right with that piece of advise that I / We didn’t heed)!

Mr & Mrs ‘O’ seem really nice and as soon as I heard them say “we will take good care of the house” I got that feeling that the house had once again chosen its next guests to stay for as long as they need its love, warmth and charm!

So, thanks to Alistair having new documents couriered over to the buyers, giving the wee girl a stern tone and reclaiming his right to do things his way (after all that’s exactly why he didn’t follow the medical model down the path of passive acceptance that would de-masculate him and steal his spirit and probably make his health worse) we have exchanged contracts and are set to be moving out of our angel wrapped house and into our love filled charrabang this Friday.

Yesterday, on the pretence of delivering Alistair’s sofa (well it is his, nobody else ever got to sit there unless he was far far away from home) to Hannah and Danny’s, Candace, Alistair and I got to spend some delicious time with Jakey Pakey Lemon Squakey which was a real treat. And Hannah got to languish in her dads favourite seat!

Alan and Kev’s (AKA Alistair & Kirt, don’t ask me where on the earth these names came from I have absolutely no idea but it truly is what they call each other) removals are booked today to take a few bits of furniture to Mum and Dads garage for storage for Candace & Kirt, and our bed and TV to Kirt’s temporary accommodation so at least though no longer at home with us he can have a comfy bed to watch telly in!

That leaves the two of us with a camping chair each, a lamp, a single futon mattress and a couple of duvets to keep us comfy until Friday.

Gladys will seem like a 5 star hotel in comparison.

Alistair has lost his sofa and is demoted to our remaining chair

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