Common Sense in the Muddle of Brick Lane

15 05 2012

As the sun briefly had its hat on at the weekend we too put ours on and headed up to Brick Lane on the Harley, couple of cool movers that we are.

However, we headed straight past the Vintage shops, past the Antique/Second Hand crockery sellers, past all the fab smelling food stools (of course remember organic wholefoods only for us even when we are allowed out) and past the leather and sheepskin rug sellers that had all been calling to me in my inner ear all the way there (have this for Gladys, that will look great draped over that chair, buy this for Gladys, fetch that for Gladys, you know that incessant chatter that we have that quietly does a better selling job than any double glazing rep can do)!

So where were we heading….Brick House in Brick Lane to attend a most amazing conference ” Cancer is Curable Now”.

As you know Alistair & I are always on the lookout and listenout for information that will help quench our thirst for knowledge about natural/alternative approaches to healing cancer (and now any other chronic supposedly long-term non curable conditions such as Asthma, Arthritis and any thing that the Doctor will have you believe you are stuck with).

The conference was incredible and we came out with more hope and inspiration and empowerment, not just for our own selves and our journey but for hope in a global shift in attitudes towards health and healing.

The message I would pass on to everyone is

“You live in your own body and it is up to you to do what it needs to make you well” (Only that day I had spoken to someone who had said to me, there isn’t anything I can do). That’s just a cop-out I’m afraid, there is Always something but the real question is ┬ádo you want to do it?

We now understand that the cancer curve ball that Alistair metaphorically caught whilst down on one knee was actually his body screaming for help. And that help, although coming from many different avenues has one thing that joins it together, our willingness to make changes, to be proactive, to get involved and have the courage to change our thinking and our beliefs. To challenge what the medical hierarchy tell us. We learnt at the weekend that it’s not about shopping for health, it is about a philosophy of thinking.

Think about joining this global community of common sense, let’s make a difference:

I’m no Angel though, on the way back of course I stopped and shopped at the sheepskin rug shop, well after all Gladys deserves some nice things too. And if the sun reappears at the weekend the Vintage shops are still calling…

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